Backlink Building Boost with Social Bookmarking

Backlink building
  • Link building is considered a very important way to popularize a site online and is widely used by websites to draw traffic to their site.
  • By building backlinks across the internet, you are increasing the chance of people landing up in your website and as the number of visitors’ increases in your website you are bound to gain out of it.
  • There are many people who adopt aggressive strategies for building backlinks and are bent upon increasing the page rank of their website so that they can get higher up the results that are displayed in search engines.
  • People have been building links by posting them in other websites, blogs, forums etc., but now a trend has come into existence that involves all social bookmarking sites.
  • People submit social bookmarking sites links in other sites and the backlinks in the social bookmarking site will then direct them to their website.

Submitting links to social bookmarking sites

The numbers of people who submit social bookmarking sites links are on the rise, as they have understood the advantages that all social bookmarking sites have and that is the ability to draw traffic to their website. The process of using backlinks has undergone a major overhaul, in the sense that people are now giving a lot more importance to social bookmarking sites. This is because social bookmarking sites can generate a lot of interest among its users when compared to normal websites. The tagging that is done in all social bookmarking sites work in a similar way to the keywords that are used in search engines. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to build links then submit social bookmarking sites the links and try to capitalize on the popularity of these sites.

Why social bookmarking sites are popular

The popularity of all social bookmarking sites is attributed to the fact that they are bookmarks that are made by the user. Other users of the bookmarking site can vote for or against the bookmark, which in turn will decide the ranking and popularity of the bookmark. This practice gives the outlook that all social bookmarking sites are beyond the clutches of spammers who like to spam the internet with irrelevant links. When a backlink is placed in a bookmarking site, the user can report it if they find it objectionable and irrelevant. The backlink that come from such sites are considered to be of high quality by search engines.

How to use them for building links

The most important thing is to understand is that you need to be clever in the way backlinks are posted in all social bookmarking sites. If you spam these sites, your backlinks will do no good, as other users will push them down the rating. Other users can report such backlinks to the social bookmarking website. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you provide backlinks in the right tags and make sure the landing page has relevant information about the tags. This will help you to draw quality traffic to your website and will help greatly in increasing your page ranking.

Matthew Anton is a social media marketing expert, who has successfully carried outsuccessfully carried out Twitter backlinks marketing campaigns for businesses worldwide. 


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